After Scoring Over $40M From Coinbase’s IPO, Rapper Calls Himself “Cryptocurrency’s Scarface”

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Rapper Nasir Jones, better known as Nas, emerged an unlikely winner in Coinbase’ IPO earlier in April 2021. The rapper, who was an early investor in crypto exchange owned a stake worth at least $40 million. Proud to have been a visionary, in a recent DJ Khaled track with JAY-Z “Sorry Not Sorry,” Nas baptizes himself as the cryptocurrency scarface. Sorry Not Sorry Several notable figures in Hip-Hop were moved by DJ Khaled’s 12th studio album, Khaled Khaled, particularly the tenth single, “Sorry Not Sorry.” Many people were astounded by Jay-clever Z’s billion-dollar flexes. Despite the fact that the spotlight was initially on Jay-contribution Z’s to “Sorry Not Sorry,” one of Nas’ lines in the song is starting to gain traction. Over a flip of Bobby Glenn’s “Sounds Like A Love Song,” the Queensbridge legend stacks his newfound wealth and boldly proclaims himself to be a part of the cryptocurrency…

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