African Bitcoin Exchange Founder Vanishes, Claiming Lost Wallet Password

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Bitcoin by design is secure, for people to be their own banks it needs to be. Responsibility for your own assets and private keys is of paramount importance, even more so if you are a custodian of assets for others. Clients of one African crypto exchange have found out the hard way. Bitcoin Exchange Boss Does a Runner Africa is primed to be the next frontier for bitcoin adoption. According to Binance research search trends for bitcoin in Africa have increased dramatically. However, the nascent African crypto scene has had its share of bad news. A little more came from Zimbabwe yesterday when local media reported that the founder of the Golix exchange had lost his password. Tawanda Kembo, founder and chief executive officer of the once flourishing exchange is claiming to have lost access to a cold wallet back in May 2018. iHarare has attempted to reach Kembo but…

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