AdEx Launches Elastic Staking Rewards Following Chainlink Partnership

AdEx, the next-generation blockchain-powered digital advertising network, has just partnered with Chainlink, the world’s largest and most popular blockchain oracle provider, to integrate Chainlink oracles into its staking ecosystem to power its novel staking loyalty pool and governance system. Creating an Elastic Reward Mechanism With ADX Designed to make online advertising more transparent and less prone to fraud, AdEx uses a combination of traditional peer-to-peer technology and blockchain to track and verify traffic using a quorum of validators and allows advertisers and publishers to form a secure payment channel between one another — eliminating costly intermediaries. To help grow the ecosystem and reward holders of AdEx (ADX) tokens, AdEx has implemented a carefully constructed staking rewards program, which sees AdEx holders benefit from both traditional staking rewards distributed by the network, and a share of the validator fees which are earned from processed ad impression payments. Now, by integrating Chainlink’s…

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