A new era in content distribution: The AIOZ Network reaches 20,000 nodes

The AIOZ network has recently achieved a significant milestone that will help reinvent the way we all consume and think about content. Having reached over 20,000 network nodes throughout the globe, AIOZ Network is positioning itself as a fully-fledged content distribution network. Founded by Erman Tjiputra, the AIOZ Network has been a self-funded venture that has been in the works for several years, having recently conducted a decentralized fundraising campaign (Initial Decentralized Offering), and quickly becoming the most successful blockchain project of 2021. With +50,000 community members and +20,000 token holders, AIOZ Network is now positioned to blow over the competition and to bring blockchain technology to mainstream usage in the world of content delivery. Erman Tjiputra stated: “The AIOZ Network is at the genesis of a re-evolution in streaming, the rebirth of an evolution. I believe that this milestone in terms of the node count growth is just one…

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