A Bitcoin Price In The Millions?… But We Have To Wait A Decade

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Analysis by Cane Island’s Timothy Peterson suggests that bitcoin price will indeed come to be counted in the millions, based on current adoption rate. But before we all start immediately ordering Lambos, this won’t be happening for at least a decade, according to Peterson’s calculations. Because… Metcalfe’s Law? Bitcoin price predictions are pretty much ten-a-penny around here. After all, predictions cost nothing (except in terms of reputation) and price still generates the majority of public interest in bitcoin. But if you’re gonna start swinging round a prediction in the millions of dollars, then you need some cojones. If being proved wrong may result in the removal of said cojones, then even more so. Thankfully, that’s not the case this time, and Peterson cheerfully announced his prediction on Twitter, stating that: bitcoin’s adoption rate implies a price into the millions Alongside a comparison chart of adoption rates for Bitcoin and the…

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