A Big Bitcoin Boom Ahead as Data Shows Rising Inflation Fears

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Bitcoin expects to undergo a significant rally as a top economist predicts an inflation bias after 12-18 months. The analogy comes after demand for inflation-protected bonds spike in the US, showing investors expect consumer prices to increase in the future. Bitcoin has shown higher adoption in countries with a higher inflation rate, a narrative that prompts some to see it as an alternative to fiat money. It has been a boring couple of weeks of Bitcoin as its price remains trapped inside a $300 trading range. But the “scarce” cryptocurrency could avoid these short-term setbacks. Instead, it could rally on a more extended timeframe – as it has done for a majority of its 11-year lifetime. Once again, it is the fears of inflation caused by central banks’ endless money printing that may end up driving its price higher. Inflation Fears High Recent data shows that. EPFR, an agency that…

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