$700: Analysts Expect Ethereum to See a Massive Surge as ETH 2.0 Rollout Nears

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Ethereum has been closely tracking Bitcoin over the past few days and weeks This has caused the cryptocurrency to see some turbulence as of late, with news regarding the OKEx founder being arrested sending BTC and ETH reeling lower This decline was short-lived, and bulls were able to rapidly step up and begin absorbing this selling pressure Analysts are now noting that upside could be imminent for the market, and ETH could see some serious outperformance in the mid-term One analyst is pointing to ETH 2.0 as a bullish catalyst that could help spark an ascent up to $700 Ethereum and the entire altcoin market have been moving in sync with Bitcoin in recent weeks. This has primarily contributed to the prolonged consolidation phase seen in recent times, and it is a strong possibility that ETH will struggle to gain any momentum independent of Bitcoin’s in the near-term. That being…

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