5 Reasons Why ChainLink (LINK) Is Leading the Market Today

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ChainLink (LINK) is having an altcoin season of its own – all over again. LINK has been known to move against the trend, staging a similar rally in the second quarter. LINK has now grown more than 49% in a single week, touching $2.88 again, with predictions of easily reaching $3. LINK has managed to grow to $3.74, and may repeat this record. LINK is also growing against Bitcoin (BTC), already breaking its own record to above 34,000 Satoshi. (1) Partnership with SWIFT ChainLink claims to be working on a common project with SWIFT, the leading interbank payment system. LINK has talked about such a partnership for a long time, but about a week ago, the news was reiterated on social media and added to the official ChainLink site. $LINK has now confirmed that they are working with SWIFT on their API based payment system. This is HUGE — Sir…

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