5 Best Crypto Cards That You Should Know About

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Crypto cards aim to close the gap between legacy banking and digital assets. They allow users to benefit from holding funds in cryptocurrencies, with the flexibility to convert to cash via ATMs or spend them in the same way they can spend their fiat money from a bank account, at over 53 million merchants worldwide. Crypto cards remove the hassle and slow process of converting crypto to fiat via an exchange and withdrawing to your bank account, mitigating the difficulties of merchant acceptance and lowering the barriers to mainstream adoption. The growing interest in the crypto space, and card payment demand in general, has led to a variety of different crypto card offerings, covering markets around the world and providing a range of functionality for users. Crypto.com Card The metal Crypto.com Visa Card is available to users in Asia, Europe, and the United States. CRO holders can also stake the…

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