420 Day: Lifting The Smokescreen On Cannabis Crypto Coins

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Today is April 20. Spring is in the air, and so is the scent of cannabis smoke. 420 day is being celebrated by pot enthusiasts globally, spreading the joy of the medicinal plant millennials love so much. As a crypto-focused outlet, we’re celebrating the big day the best way we know how: by lighting up a freshly rolled detailed breakdown of cannabis crypto coins new and old. Marijuana Industry In The US Alone Projected To Double By 2025 According to the a new report entitled “Cannabis in America for 2021 & Beyond: A New Normal in Consumption and Demand, New Frontier Data, an authority in cannabis data, analytics, and business intelligence worldwide, claims that US legal cannabis markets alone are projected to double by 2025 to $41.5 billion. Other estimates project revenue reaching much higher due to the unprecedented growth of the industry. Not only has the cannabis industry been…

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