4 Reasons Why Bitcoin Price Will Increase in the Long-term

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Delphi Digital has published a new quarterly macro outlook highlighting reasons why the bitcoin price will continue to increase in the long-term. Long-term Bitcoin “Hodling” According to the published research, most of the bitcoin selling comes from short-term holders. This trend implies long-term hodling among staunch BTC believers. 0/ The Perfect Storm for Bitcoin is Brewing.Our team just released our Quarterly Macro Outlook, which digs deep into the key drivers behind Bitcoin’s long-term value proposition as a non-sovereign, digitally native store of value. Quick summary thread: https://t.co/cBcvmbcNkr — Delphi Digital (@Delphi_Digital) August 3, 2019 The crypto market analytics firm provided a UTXO analysis showing short-term BTC holders being behind the Q2 bitcoin price rally. During this period, the bitcoin price surge from $4,000, to $13,000. As previously reported by , bitcoin’s untouched supply has reached a new high of 21.6%. Long-term holding and lost coins reduce BTC’s total supply which…

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