4 Fundamental Reasons Why Bitcoin Demand Is Poised to Explode to Highs

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Like most other markets, Bitcoin’s price is predicated on supply and demand dynamics. This is depicted in the chart below, with the equilibrium price of an asset being related to how an asset’s supply relates to demand. Textbook supply and demand chart from Encyclopedia Britannica Matt D’Souza — CEO of Blockware Mining — recently identified that there is a perfect storm of macro factors that are and will continue to drive demand for Bitcoin. This is bullish for BTC because assuming consistent supply, any growth in demand should result in an increase in the value of cryptocurrencies. And considering that there are multiple macro factors, according to D’Souza, prices could appreciate rapidly. #1: Growing Geopolitical Unrest Could Drive Bitcoin The past few months and years have seen the geopolitical stage grow even more tumultuous. Most recently this has culminated in a potential trade/cold war between the U.S. and China. This…

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