3 Major Bitcoin Price Models Predict Very Different Futures

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The Bitcoin market price has exhibited significant volatility and surprise moves. In the 11 years since inception, BTC has moved dramatically, starting of from negligible lows, only to conquer $20,000 prices. Bitcoin Models Range from Unbridled Gains to Gradual Growth The spectacular climb sets the stage for the coming years, when BTC is much more well-known and accepted. From now on, the most optimistic view is that BTC will continue to much higher valuations. But the exact size of the gains hinges on three chief models. There are 3 types of BTC price models: Power models state that Bitcoin keeps growing with the same decreasing speed. Moon models assume that Bitcoin grows at the same pace. Classic models imply that Bitcoin's growth decreases even faster than in the past. pic.twitter.com/VicydD2gsy — BitcoinEconomics.io (@BitcoinEcon) January 15, 2020 The most optimistic pace, which is yet expected to take BTC “to the moon”,…

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