3 Bold US Dollar Predictions That Are Extremely Bullish for Bitcoin

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The US dollar expects to continue its bearish trend into 2021 as Democrats gain control over Congress following a clean blue sweep in this week’s run-off elections in Georgia. Meanwhile, Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that trades inversely to the greenback, has established fresh record highs above $40,000, more than double its December 2017 peak. Many observers agree that it would fare well against the dollar in 2021, given its supposed ability to handle inflation caused by the US government’s expansive fiscal stimulus to people. “It does make some sense to me,” former Fed Governor Kevin Warsh told CNBC on Bitcoin‘s bull run. “The dollar is weakening, and after the elections overnight, I’d look for the dollar to continue to weaken against a large basket of currencies.” US Dollar is pursuing a deeper downtrend in 2021. Source: DXY on TradingView.com The narrative goes like this: Bitcoin comes with a pre-defined supply cap…

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