2017’s ICO Boom Was The Bubble That Will Never Recover

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The ICO boom came, went, and according to Larry Cermak, will never return again. Initial Coin Offerings Boomed then Burst Earlier this week research analyst Larry Cermak boldly proclaimed that the 2017 ICO boom was indeed a bubble that will never recover. If true, the news will strike fear into the bag heavy hearts of investors who backed up the truck and loaded up on altcoins which are nowadays affectionately referred to as ‘shitcoins’. To date, the median USD return offered by Initial Coin Offerings is -87 percent and the figure continues to plummet. USD return of ICOs According to data provided by Cermak, the ICO boom eventually burst because of “misaligned incentives between founders and investors.” It’s now common knowledge that in addition to raising funds from ‘unsophisticated’ retail investors, many token sales projects mismanaged funds and were nowhere near having a multivariate product. Many startups also lost the…

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