12,500 Traders Sign up for Bybit’s $1.2M WSOT Competition

All metrics suggest that crypto has entered a new bull market. Over $6 million a day is being spent on Ethereum in fees, active wallet addresses are at an all-time high, and interest in bitcoin trading has soared. This last fact is born out by the latest figures released by Bybit pertaining to its World Series of Trading. Close to 12,500 traders have signed up for the 100 BTC event including 135 teams. While DeFi assets 10x, Uniswap volume outstrips CEXs, and bitcoin flirts with $12K territory, Bybit is doing its bid to drum up interest in crypto assets. Its WSOT competition has lit a fire, prompting pro and semi-pro traders to FOMO in, partly out of vanity, and partly down to the bumper prize that awaits the victor. The top 10 teams will compete for their share of 80 BTC, while another $90K in USDT is also waiting to…

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